P'ton and 9th grade

<p>Princeton has always claimed that they don't count freshman year, but then how come they ask for 9th grade activities? Also, Princeton will be getting my entire transcript, which includes freshman year grades. Do they just ignore that? I'm asking this because my freshman grades were not particularly good (mix of B+'s and A-'s), whereas my sophomore and junior grades were much better.</p>

<p>I don't think they count ninth grade grades, but they want to see long-term commitment to activities, so they ask that. And how is a mix of B+'s and A-'s bad??</p>

<p>I just assumed that they asked for 9th grade activities in order for their application to be compatible with the common app.</p>

<p>but they asked for ninth grade activities before they started using common app this year.</p>

<p>um, i distinctly remember that their application used to have 10th grade activites onward.</p>

<p>ForeverZero is right. A friend who's currently at Princeton showed me a copy of his app he sent in, and the activities were from 10th grade onward.</p>