Public H.S. vs. Private H.S.

I have a question, does the fact that you go to public or private school matter in college admissions?

I remember looking at Stanford’s stats a while ago and like 65-70% of their students were from public school. Also, the UC’s (which I know are public) have like 80%+ public h.s. students. I go to Catholic high school (all-girls) and will it be a factor at all? Or is there just a lot more public schools than private schools, so it’s obvious that more kids would be public…b/c so many colleges seem to have a majority of public h.s. kids…

My h.s. is alright but it’s not like there’s that many stellar students (there’s only 124 in my senior class - all girls), there’s probably like 6-7 people who have at least a 1400 and the highest SAT I score is a 1460. The average SAT score is probably 1200 or lower… Does this matter vs. bigger public school which obviously has a chance to have more stellar students?

<b>P.S. I’m dumb and I just realized someone else posted like the same exact topic but I can’t figure out if there’s a way to delete posts?</b>

<p>well obviously there are plenty more publics than privates. If you go to a really elite private school (or even a public one), they may be a feeder into really top top schools. Like Princeton. Princeton University has a NUMBER of feeder schools -- schools that send a disproportionate number of students to the university each year. In that case (if your school is one of those feeder schools), it will be a benefit for you if you want to, say, go to princeton. By the way, you'd KNOW if your school fed into a university... if you have no idea, then your school doesn't. Hey, neither does mine. Though we send one or 2 to yale each year... but we're in new haven county so... O_O</p>

<p>hey awakendream im in the same situation as you!
I attend an all girls college prep private school. we have about 167 girls and we are the biggest and most intelligent class that our school is ever known to. We had a girl score a 1600 on the SAT..... I could not believe my ears when they announced it. Thats so crazy...n e ways ..... Being that we go to a more elite school i think we should recieve more recognition than public school kids. Well I sure hope soo ......I bust my butt with at least 3-4 hrs of hw each night! It should pay off.</p>

<p>I disagree with gabbyrenee that public school kids do not deserve to be recognized like private school kids. I easily do homework from 4-12 4 nights a week, and my first class starts at 6:30 a.m. Just because someone attends a private high school does not mean they are more intelligent, or that deserve more recognition. There are kids that score 1600 on the SAT in public school, too.</p>

<p>There are public schools with programs every bit as intense as the top private schools. Both categories, public and private, are very, very broad. Making sweeping generalities is highly inaccurate. Usually when one does make the comparison, we are comparing top prep schools with the average run of the mill public school in suburbia. Neither school in such comparisons have any resemblence to the many schools in this country.</p>

<p>I hate elitists.</p>

<p>I don't think there's a difference, admissions-wise, in going to a good public vs. a good private. Both will give you good educations and be looked upon favorably in admission. The idea of going to the good private, however, is that you would have gone to a bad public instead. So, it's not as much of a rip-off as I made it seem.</p>

<p>Gabby, just because you go to a private school really doesn't qualify you to opine on the quality of public schools, even if you work four hours a day as you claim. Sure, the education offered at a public school may not compare to that offered at a private school, but if an individual (take me for example) attempts to do as much academically as the school allows, doesn't that make him equal in spirit to an individual in a private school who similarly does so?</p>

<p>You might not think so, but colleges do. They realize that some students are limited in their environment and recognize those that strive to transcend their limitations in any way possible.</p>

<p>Besides, I work on homework just as much, scored a 1600 on my SATs, and go to a public school :).</p>