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<p>Anyone have any suggestions of schools with a public policy focus/major in the West? I have a friend whose son is interested in public policy. I suggested some schools (American, e.g.) and they would really prefer a school in the West. I assume a Washingon DC connection would be a plus. Any help is appreciated!</p>

<p>By West, do you mean Western United States?</p>

<p>I know University of Maryland (it's a few miles outside of DC) has a great School of Public Policy. I believe I remember being told that if you stay for a fifth year at the university, you can obtain a Masters in Public Policy. Here's a link.</p>

<p>About</a> the School | Public Policy, University of Maryland</p>

<p>Pomona College has a very good program in Public Policy Analysis. </p>

<p>You won't find a better school on the west coast than Pomona. (jmo :))</p>

<p>The</a> Public Policy Analysis Program - Pomona College</p>

<p>"Public policy" is often code for an economics-lite (or not so lite, depending on the institution) program focusing on public goods and regulatory issues (as opposed to macroeconomics, or finance, or the economics of private transactions). Caltech actually has an excellent program, too (I think they call theirs "political science" -- but it doesn't look like what anyone else calls political science). Not everyone will have a "public policy" major, but almost everyone will have some way to study economic and statistical analysis of government programs, either through economics, or political science/government, PPE programs (philosophy, politics, and economics), or legal studies programs.</p>

<p>For a VERY techie student who wants to major in engineering and do public policy as more of a minor, the Colorado School of Mines McBride Honors program would be great - </p>

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<p>yes, I meant the western US. Are there any liberal arts colleges/UCs with a public policy major? Any other western states offer something like this? This kid want to eventually affect public policy regarding a particular disability.</p>

<p>The University of Denver actually has a small but excellent public policy program.</p>

<p>Take a look at Claremont McKenna. They have an excellent Washington D.C. semester.</p>

<p>Berkeley's Goldman School of Public Policy offers an undergraduate minor. Might be worth checking out: Goldman</a> School of Public Policy - Undergraduate Education in Public Policy at GSPP</p>

<p>Robert Reich just taught an undergrad course titled "Wealth and Poverty" last semester.</p>

<p>Did you look at USC? USC has a great program in Public Policy. This school offers many minors as well, excellent financial and merit aid. My son loves USC (not a Public Policy major). Feel free to PM me about USC.</p>