Public School Vs. Private Schools

<p>I currently go to public school but when I tell my friends that I want to go to boarding school, they're all like "ewww, aren't those people just a bunch of nerds whose parents don't want to live with them anymore." Sometimes I think about that as well. I thought you guys could tell me why private school is better or vice versa</p>

<p>Well I went through the same thing as you. Except for me they asked "I didn't think you were the millitary type?". Not a single person at my public school had heard of any of the HADES schools. Even now I sometimes feel when people ask me about it they think I am some sort of pariah? But I can't answer your question because I have never been to private school before.</p>

<p>Nobody at my school understands either. My math teacher even held me after class when I tried asked him to fill out a recommendation form so he could "question my motives." All he kept saying was "BUT WHY?" even though I was making it quite clear that it's an amazing opportunity...And I guess that's pretty much what it is. It's an opportunity to get a fantastic education. Sure, you can get a pretty good education at a public school, and you can go on to do wonderful things from there, but I believe a private school prepares you for more than that. </p>

<p>Private schools, like these usually seen around here (HADES or otherwise) all offer a chance at a one of a kind education, lifetime friends (due to the boarding factor and a tight knit campus you usually do not have at most public schools), more college opportuniteis, and these preparation to succeed in life. </p>

<p>Private school isn't necessarally BETTER, but it is an opportunity. I have never been myself (starting next fall as a sophomore), but from my two years of applying (long story), and those I've met along the way who've had the chance to expirience it firsthand, it really is an expirience. One that you wont find at your average public school.</p>

<p>The reason I chose to apply to private school was so I could be challenged and be around teachers and students who actually want to be at school and love learning as much as I do. Students at private school (especially single-sex schools) also tend to be extremely friendly and helpful and very close to each other.</p>

<p>When I tell people that I'm going to a private high school, their eyebrows knit together and they ask "Why?". When I tell people I'm going to an all-girls high school, they look at me as though I have three heads. I get this reaction mainly when I talk to kids in my classes, more specifically, girls. Not a lot of people can really understand the benefits of a private school (once again, especially single-sex schools).</p>