Public Transportation Options in the Allentown Area

Hi everyone! I will be an incoming freshman student at Muhlenberg this fall and I was just wondering what means of public transportation there were near the college/in the Allentown area if we wanted to leave campus or access Philly for concerts, visiting, etc. Please let me know, as I am not super familiar with the area since I’m from out of state. Thank you!

Hey! You must be ready to move in already but I can still answer your question. For concerts this year In Philly I went to the greyhound bus station in Allentown (usually took an Uber with friends to the bus station) and then took the greyhound bus or fullington bus (there are a bunch that go to philly. If you book in advance you should be able to get tix one way for 17 dollars and the bus is 1.5 hours. As for access to downtown, I don’t know too many students who take advantage of this but you can use our campus shuttles on weekends or the LANTA busses which are free for Muhlenberg students. A lot of time it’s just easier to get a group and split the Uber’s. Good luck with your first year!