Publications-most undergrads aren't published?

<p>I see many professors, people on this forum, and admission coordinators say that "most of our applicants are not published" and yet I see that most people when they post their profile, they'll have at least one publication. Are the majority of posters on these forums top students or something?</p>

<p>yes, for the most part…</p>

<p>LOL- I read this forum but have not sent the link to my S who is now applying to PhD programs in Bio. I feel the experiences/stats of those in the discussion group on biosciences aren’t typical. They are for certain very accomplished. Many note they are in a ‘top’ university. No doubt they also have drive and maturity. My S shares the GRE’s/GPA but not the vast research experience nor ‘publishing’ creds. Fingers crossed there’s a place for everyone. We need scientists!</p>

<p>+1, lot of people here are trolls. LIKE ME! Except I don’t got nuffing good on my application.</p>

<p>Oh yah and a lot of people here are internationale, so they don’t count as much. :P</p>