Published CALGrant Income & Asset Formula?

<p>I have the income</a> ceiling amounts for 2011-12. </p>

<p>But is there a published formula for CALGrant income/asset eligibility like The</a> EFC formula. I want to know exactly which lines the CALGrant uses from the FAFSA for ceiling checks and if any multipliers exist (for example, line 92i for disability income). I realize the formula for the CALGrant is extremely simple compared to EFC, but assume there is a published guide somewhere, even if intended for institutional FA officers.</p>

<p>I was very thankful dependent fresh ugrad DS was eligible for CALGrant this year (barely). I'm wary if line 92i income is a non-adjusted (1:1) increase to the parental income total for CALGrant ceiling limit, then my ~$12k SDI benefit for 2011 may disqualify DS from CALGrant, since our taxable parental income (q#83, AGI) will be ~74k for our family of 5 for 2011 (recent income raise). I think this may put us over the limit by a few hundred dollars. And strangely, the CALGrant is an all-or-nothing huge chunk of aid -- one dollar over the limit and your disqualified, otherwise it's $10k (if EFC/COA provides for it).</p>

<p>Thank you in advance!</p>