Published Paper - which part of CommonApp?


<p>So if I have a published paper in a international scientific journal, I was wondering if I should note that under Awards and Honors or the Activities section of the CommonApp? </p>


<p>Unless it was in correlation to something like research, I think you should put it in awards an honors. It was a one time thing (assuming) but a big deal nevertheless. If it was a part of your research, you should put it in the postions, honors, etc. box in the activities section.</p>

<p>I think either is fine. If you happen to have other research related awards, I would mention the research paper around the same area along with a brief explanation of the project, perhaps even an abstract. Make sure you explain somewhere what exactly you have contributed to the research, etc. (In fact, perhaps consider sending in the research paper as a supplement? International publication as a high school student is a great accomplishment :).)</p>