Publishing opportunity for young writers

Hi guys!

First off, a little bit about me:

I’m an avid writer and lover of the Classics from the East Coast. My work has been recognized by Scholastic Art and Writing Awards and others, and I"m heavily involved in my school literary magazine as well as Polyphony HS, an international student-run literary magazine for high schoolers.

To all the poets/short story writers out there: I

've created an online literary magazine at which is now open to submissions. (It’s really easy to submit!) Two pieces of writing will be published every week.

That’s really cool! Anyone can just submit short stories anytime? Good luck on it; it sounds fun!!

@raffie yep!

What would you need to do to “join the editorial team”, and where would the pieces be published?

@raffle send a writing sample to If you want to be a poetry editor, send in a poem; if you want to be a prose editor, send in prose, etc. The pieces would be published on the website, under the section titled ‘Works’. Also, I’m having trouble finding submitters, so it would be a plus if you could recommend Sequined Sky Magazine to people you know who might be interested in submitting.

Yeah!! I’m not much of a writing person, I prefer art. However, a lot of my friends love writing. I’ll let them know!

I checked out the website, and it seems really cool! So I cannot submit anything that has been published even in an anthology (I have a poem that was published in an anthology with a bunch of other poems from high schoolers across the country, and I would like to submit it)?

@photogeek8 an anthology would be okay.

@supercilious Cool, thanks!