Puget Sound fall 2020

Anyone applying to UPS for fall 2020? My daughter applied EA, and it’s one of her top choices. Hoping to see a decision - and hopefully some merit aid - soon!

@ajc1966 Thank you for starting this thread. My D applied ED and I think she will find out next week. Where are you located? We are in TX and have visited the campus twice and loved the school and the entire area. D is a prospective music major.

My son is a freshman there, he plays in the symphony although is not majoring or minoring in music. If you do get accepted feel free to ask me any questions!

@Sally1987 Thank you! The UPS orchestra is wonderful, we saw them play last spring. D played for the conductor and thought she was superb. I might message you with a couple things after the acceptance comes. ? Appreciate the offer!

@murray93 - we are in the twin cities (MN) area. UPS was one of the first schools we visited (I think we’ve done 19 campus visits). It kind of fell off her radar for a while, because she would prefer a more diverse campus, but she did an interview with a local alum and got very excited about it again. She is planning on majoring in business, and wants to apply for the business leadership program. Good luck everyone

No problem, I remember last year having so many questions!

So many Minnesotans!

All students with either a 3.4 or 3.6 (can’t remember which) automatically get $23,000 per year in merit aid!

I think that’s a little optimistic, @EarlyApps.

What? It says it on their website and they also told everyone when I visited campus. @murray93

From their website: “ Dean’s Scholarship Assurance
Puget Sound is committed to our students and their families in helping manage college costs.

At Puget Sound, we believe hard work pays. Students admitted for first-year admission with an unweighted grade point average (GPA) of 3.6 or above will, at minimum, earn a Dean’s Scholarship, valued at $23,000 per year.”

That’s awesome! Strangely, their. NPC doesn’t reflect that policy. I guess we’ll find out very soon.

Does the NPC factor in merit aid? I think that’s just calculating need-based aid.

Yes, it does include merit aid. ?

my son applied early decision - still havent heard but checking every day.

@EarlyApps - yes, that’s the information we got about merit aid too.

@mroattorney Anything yet? Just checked the mail and was surprised there wasn’t a letter today… We are in Texas and also applied ED.

Ah, asked too early. It came via email. We are celebrating here!!!

Congratulations and welcome to the Logger family! Happy to answer any questions!

Does anyone know when EA decisions come out?