Puget Sound merit aid awards

Does anyone have information on how UPS merit aid awards compare with awards from other liberal arts colleges, especially Willamette and other colleges listed in the book Colleges that Change Lives? How does UPS determine who gets what amounts? Thanks.

Also keenly interested in this question. Stats of people who got substantial merit packages would be especially helpful.

Fingers crossed that UPS is as generous as Willamette.

I heard offline from someone who got $23,000 from Willamette, $20,000 from UPS and $19,000 from Lawrence in Wisconsin.

Stats? I’m aware that some kids get $20K merit offers from UPS. The question I have is what kind of profile does one have to have to get that kind of offer? Is it mostly score-based? Scores and GPA? Regarding SAT’s, do they mainly look at M+CR? The reason I’m so obsessed with this is my son’s M+CR SAT score is probably the strongest part of his application, so I’m hoping that’s a key criterion!

My son had strong M+CR scores and was accepted to UPS last year. His award was right around $20K… the issue for us was the “all in” cost of $60K for UPS… he is at PLU, just down the road…which gave him more merit aid and has a cheaper “all in” cost.

In prior years, some letters have gone out with merit awards in mid February (dated ~ Feb 16). So perhaps we’ll see something in the next few days.

I’ve been wondering about this myself. I was kind of hoping your post was going to be from someone who had just gotten one :slight_smile:

Acceptance package arrived today with a 12K Alumni scholarship.

Congratulations! Would you be willing to share his GPAand SAT/ACT scores? Thank you :slight_smile:

My daughter just got hers in the mail today as well. $20K of merit (President’s Scholarship).

Merit award is pretty much in line with offers from most other schools.

Just got my acceptance – $20,000 in merit aid as a President’s Scholar. 4.3 weighted GPA, 33 ACT.

My daughter got hers in the mail today too! Puget Sound was generous and in-line with the other PNW LACs. Now we need to plan a trip to visit.

Got my acceptance in the mail today :slight_smile: $20,000 President’s Scholarship. 3.95 W GPA (3.74 UW), 2060 SAT and 31 ACT.

Acceptance letter came in the mail today! Received $22,000/year trustee scholarship. 4.2 W GPA (3.9 UW), 2090 SAT. Very excited to have received such a generous offer!

accepted a few days ago… very excited! the early letters are fun. got 18k/year dean’s scholarship; 3.73 W/3.63 UW, 2150 SAT. (23k/year at willamette though, so i’m interested to see what happens with other LACs)

Acceptance in weekend mail - President’s Scholarship here too! Son has a 4.2 wGPA and 32 ACT.

Did any of you fine applicants apply to the honors program? If so, did they notify you in your letter whether or not you were admitted to it?

@rayrick I personally did not apply to the honors college, but I believe it said in the acceptance packet that honors college decisions would be released at a later time in mid-march

Thanks, @averagestudent21. Good info. We’re on the east coast, so I’m holding out hope that my son’s UPS letter just hasn’t made it here yet. We’ll see.