Puh-lease chance me :D.

<p>Yep. Chance me for:
UNC Chapel Hill
Wake Forest University
University of Michigan [#1]
Duke University - probably my highest reach school</p>

White/Middle Eastern North Carolinian female.
GPA: 3.93 Unweighted [ to increase once it updates] and a 4.8 Weighted [ also increase ]
Rank: 14/475 (subject to change for the better)
SAT I : Highest Composite - 1880 (for U-M). Superscore - 2030 (for everywhere else).
SAT II: Taking Math I and US History in 2 weeks
ACT: Taking ACT for late submission to these colleges in February. Estimated is between a 32-33 Composite.
Marching Band
Musicals - lead role & three small speaking parts
National Honors Society
Music Honors Society [Tri-M]
Science Honor Society
English Academic Competition Co-Captain
Drama/Improv Club
French Club
Math/Science Tutor
Technical Theatre [Stage hand and Light/Sound Chief of Deck]
Technical Theatre Club
Flute Lessons
John Coltrane Jazz Camp [internship in the summer]
Biotechnology Summer Camp at Wake Forest University
Leader of Woodwind Quintet
AP Scholar with Honors
Junior Marshal
North Carolina Scholar
Biotechnology Summer
Performed in Solo and Ensemble - Superior Ratings both times I performed
All County Band X2</p>

<p>Pro/Con for each school
UNC Chapel Hill
-- I have more than 6 people who have attended Chapel Hill within my immediate family. My brother is currently attending, both my parents attended, and 3 grandparents attended. Others have been a part of Chapel Hill related to me.
-- Not really sure.
Wake Forest University
-- I had a great interview and I have been allowed to apply for a large scholarship past its due date. :D I also take flute lessons from the head flute player and my step-dad works at Wake forest part-time as a teacher. My aunt attended Wake.
-- Money might be an issue, but we could probably manage.
University of Michigan (applying LSA):
-- Legacy X 3 - Grandfather, son, & cousin attended. My grandfather has an interesting relationship with U-M [he attended U-M at the top of his class from Turkey] and pays a lot of money to the school. I also have family in U-M. North Carolina is an under-represented area. My essays for this school were edited 5 different times and my recommendations should be stellar. I am visiting the school at the end of the month and shadowing a music class. I am in correspondence with the admissions counselor for my area.
-- Testscore/'late' application (U-M is a rolling decision college, but based to some difficulties, I was relatively slow and close to the deadline in submitting my application - like a few days ago slow. XD
Duke University:
-- I don't have many connections. I had a great interview and the alumnus I was interviewed by was awesome and sent me a very kind email afterwards. He even offered me hot tea when I walked through the door!
-- Brother was wait-listed at Duke Uni. 4 years ago and was never accepted.</p>

I am currently taking the following classes:
AP Music Theory
AP Biology
AP Computer Science AB [the only one offered]
AP Calculus AB
AP Literature and Composition
AP Human Geography
HN. Band IV (Wind Ensemble, our school's top band)</p>

<p>I got two 4's and 2 5's on the AP exams last year and I should graduate with 10 AP credits total.</p>

<p>Bummppp. I know my post is very verbose and it scares you guys D:
i'll chance back?</p>

<p>Your gpa is great, and if you get 32(as you mentioned) in ACT,you have great chances. Good luck!</p>

<p>Okay, thank-you for the chance! :D</p>

<p>You should be fine for all the colleges(especially if you live in north carolina). I agree that Duke will be a slight reach i'd say you have a good chance though especially if you can get a 32-33.</p>

<p>I shall get a 32-33 on the ACT or higher.
Challenge accepted? XD</p>

<p>I think you are in. Just got accepted yesterday!!!!</p>

<p>Congrats and thanks for the chance! I believe I just secured straight a's for the first semester. :3</p>

<p>Good chances everywhere but Duke which is a stretch. GPA's good, test scores not so much for a school like Duke (unless you get a 32-33 on ACT). ECs: Alright. Nothing particularly outstanding (things like "preformed in solo ensemble" and "flute lessons" aren't that impressive and sound almost as if you're reaching to list more). </p>

<p>Hope that didn't sound to harsh. Just IMHO what I thought of your chances. Good luck regardless.</p>

<p>Well by saying 'flute lessons' I was indicating that I took lessons from the head flute teacher at Wake Forest, who knows me pretty well (and in a positive light, I believe).
And the solo and ensemble thing is a state-wide voluntary competition. You get medals and what not depending on your score. Hence the 'superior ratings' and the corresponding medals. It's not a huge deal, but I wasn't listing at that point either.
I'm simply helping you understand, hahah. I am thankful for your chance and your honest opinion. :3 I recognize my chances at Duke are slim unless my ACT score is phenomenal. I am actually performing much better on the ACT than the SAT ... so we'll see my chances after I am scored for that.</p>

<p>Haha sorry if I sounded harsh. I do music too, and I've won my district (the most or second most competitive one in the state) in multiple categories. I was always told not to mention Solo and Ensemble except for placing/wining in my apps. As far as lessons go, it's better to mention who you studied with (if that teacher's well known/respected) then just saying that you took lessons. If you didn't already apply then you should do an arts supplement probably. </p>

<p>Arts supplements will do wonders along with your ACT results. Slim chances are better than none, people do get into their reach schools so it's worth a try.</p>

<p>I don't know why you wouldn't mention solo and ensemble. And like I mentioned above, I did win both years xD. I believe on the actual application, the teacher's name was included of course. And I wish I submitted an art supplement. Duke isn't the school I most want to attend, so it'll be okay, whatever the outcome. What instrument do you play?</p>

<p>Bump. When you respond, could you make sure to clarify what schools you are chancing me in? XD thanks. I will chance back.</p>

<p>Bump @_@ 10 char</p>

<p>A lot of random extracurriculars that don't distinguish you as a student.</p>

<p>^ Which ones? I believe the vast majority of my extracurriculars indicate a love for the arts and music and a desire to expand my knowledge in science in particular. Everything listed in my extracurriculars, with the exception of NHS and Solo & Ensemble, has been done since freshman year. I dunno, I'm not flying around saving the world or anything extra-curricular wise, but I do think that my extracurriculars say something positive about me and show what I choose to do with my free-time. Which, by the way, is not go around to chance threads and make people feel bad with completely random, negative commentary. :)</p>

<p>Bump! Oh and I am the first chair flute player in all-district band! :3</p>

<p>Bump. ;z; 10char</p>

<p>Random, negative commentary?</p>

<p>If you're looking for a chance, don't disregard those that you disagree with. That completely defeats the purpose of these threads. I gave you my opinion. Was it negative? No. It was an honest assessment of what I saw.</p>

<p>I didn't disregard it, I just don't agree with it. I mean, could you give me examples? It kinda frusterated me that you said that the hours I have spent afterschool were random. Yes, I agree that the honors societies I am a part of aren't particularly good things. I also realize that I'm not doing extraordinary things. But I thought that at least my EC's showed a sense of focus in the arts. Why are they random? I am sorry for being rude. At the point I felt like you had basically told me that my EC's are worthless. I do care about your opinion. Could you explain? :/</p>