pulling out of EA to go RD

I have a few reasons why I may not go EA for a school anymore - some, but not all to do with not being ready with my app in time (more to do with wanting to apply to Rice MSP, which requires an interim decision app).

If I wanted to pull out of EA and go for RD, my school syas to let them know by december. But, woudl this hurt my application?

<p>I am not so sure you have to pull out of EA to go interim decision with Rice. This is a gray area as interim decision is not ED, EA, not binding. You need to read the EA rules very carefully to see if it includes interim type plans for its exclusions. I do know that Rice permits other applications when you apply interim so the only potential problem I can see would be with the other school. </p>

<p>With all of these early programs popping up, it is becoming more and more complicated figuring out the permitted combos. As far as I can see, the taboos that are strictly enforced are the ED agreements. Colleges that offer binding ED as an option often circulate their acceptances through ED so that if you have not withdrawn your app from other schools, they can drop you upon seeing your name on that list. Also they can notify the ED school that you have not withdrawn your app. So there is a real potential consequence for not adhering to the ED rules. I do not know if the same occurs with single choice EA--I know it does not for regular EA. It has become increasingly burdensome to read to the combo rules EA/ED for each college as they come up with hybrid plans. Do check the rules on EA for your college of choice. You may be ok.</p>

<p>thank you jamimom : ) but yes, i've written to my EA school already, who said they would not permit me applying to Rice's MSP. </p>

<p>My main question, tho, was whether pulling out of EA to go into the RD school instead would hurt me as an applicant. Do you know anything about this?</p>

<p>thank you for your thoguhtful reply.</p>

<p>bumpbump. please? any thoughts at all.</p>

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nobody knows?</p>

<p>Hurt you as in being punished for withdrawing from EA? No.</p>

<p>Hurt you in terms of reducing your chances? Yes.</p>

<p>hey thedad : ).
If I remember anyone from the old boards it's you. </p>

<p>So, adcoms won't see that I went for EA before? </p>

<p>I just don't want them to jump to the conclusion that I couldn't get my act together in time.</p>

<p>Yes, pulling out of EA won't matter because people do it all the time and for various reasons, many not having to do with a decreased interest in the school. You can always call or send them a letter or something telling them that you are still very interested in the school even though you pulled out of EA.</p>