pumpkin drop

<p>My friends and I are planning to go to Caltech on Halloween for the traditional pumpkin drop. However, we don't know when it starts. Is there a specific time or do they do it all day? When would they start? If a Caltech student could answer this it would be greatly appreciated. In addition I would like to know if taking the SAT I for a fourth time would look bad, as far as admissions.
Thanks to all those who answer,

<p>The Pumpkin Drop starts at 11:59:59 around Millikan Library on Sunday night. As for SATs, Caltech takes into account ALL of your SAT scores, which is not the conventional, but take it as many times as you need if you think you can do much better.</p>


<p>^^ Joey's my birthday buddy. hi birthday buddy!</p>

<p>Yeah, but don't make it look like your fishing for a good score. I wouldn't take it more than twice unless you did really, really poorly both times. We understand statistics, and know that there is a range of scores for any given score. Have fun at pumpkin drop. Look for the blue or green flash.</p>