Purchase EA Class of 2022

Hi there! I wanted to start a post for EA at Purchase for the class of 2022. I know decisions start rolling out around mid December/Early January from everything I’ve read. Feel free to chime if you’ve been accepted! My son is anxiously awaiting as well. :slight_smile: Good luck all!

Just got my acceptance packet in the mail today

That’s awesome!! Congrats. When did you apply?

I applied October 23rd. I considered it a safety because I applied as a Mathematics and Computer Science major, which is not really what the school is known for. Only reason I applied was because I only live like 30 minutes and parents wanted me to apply. But i still applied that i wanted to live on-campus just to clarify.

My son applied on Halloween. It’s also a safety for him and he applied for screenwriting. We’re about 1hr 30 away and that’s the closest school he applied to. The rest are in California and one in NC. Hopefully we’ll hear soon. Again congrats!

@nyknicks1000 my son got his acceptance package today!! So excited!!

Congrats @misstrendy !! Good luck with the rest of the college decisions for your son.

@nyknicks1000 Best wishes to you as well.

My daughter was accepted into the opera program today - not sure she will attend, no scholarship info ye. But it is a selective program so we are prooud

@cgmndt Congrats!! As soon as you can log into Heliotrope you can get a full financial picture. They told my son about Merit when he received the acceptance package in the mail. You should be proud! That’s not an easy program to get in and if she does decide to attend I’m sure she will flourish. Best of luck to you.

thank you! we got an email yesterday saying she passed her audition - after she messed up 8 counts of French and saw all the auditioners scribbling furiously! It was her worst audition of the season. They said they would send us a full admission package in a few weeks - nice that we got an email early. Can you tell me what your son likes about the school? My D is unsure - she is lucky enough to have several good choices, although we are still waiting for scholarship offers from several. I’d love any info about Purchase

Honestly my S is unsure too. He’s gotten 3 acceptances so far. We’ve visited all but one of the schools he applied to. SUNY wasn’t the nicest campus I’ve seen but it is in a great area. The facilities for the arts students are very nice. I know the program is very competitive and it’s not far from NYC. Great internships available for that reason. It’s also reasonably priced. They’re also building a new facility so I’m eager to see how that turns out. It was under construction when we visited. Plus the students are allowed a car all four years and the parking fee is a whopping $20 for the year. That is a perk no other school has offered thus far. The tough part for us is we’re comparing it to places like USC and it’s not like that. Much smaller, much more intimate. Less glitz. It looks like a great environment for learning. Good luck deciding. It’s been a long winter waiting and I know it’s not easy.

Daughter accepted in the Dance Conservatory! She is attending.