Purchase Playwriting Admission Questions

Hi hi hi hi i realize this post has probably already been made and is hiding under some ancient corner I haven’t overturned yet BUT: I’m applying to Purchase and I really want to get in for playwriting. To make a long and story short, my parents and I have disagreements / questions about the program and how difficult it is to get in. Primarily, we have three questions:

  1. I told my parents that I vaguely remember reading somewhere that the playwriting program is selective. They responded by suggesting that I might have a better chance of getting into the school if I apply Undeclared, after which I can choose the major. I understand and agree with this idea in some ways, but I disagree in others. So what would people say is the best way to go about the situation? How difficult is it to get into?

  2. What style of writing are they looking for? When it comes to the Think Wide Open supplement, I’m considering writing a short play, maybe 5-10 pages. But my style of playwriting is somewhat non-traditional, abstract, poetic, whatever. My parents worry that stylistic differences may hinder me in terms of getting in, but I have faith in the Purchase admissions officers to not be stingy about traditionalism. Any insights?

  3. Finally, we’re a bit confused about how the conservatories work. Is Playwriting under the Theatre Conservatory, or is it under the general studies theatre department? Also I have no idea if i’m phrasing this question wrong, mostly because I am completely blind to how the conservatories work. If this is, like, a stupid question, y’all can abandon it. We’re gonna be calling the admissions office soon with similar questions, so I’m hoping that’ll shed some light on the situation.

TL;DR i’m a stressed and confused playwright pleading for advice from other playwrights on how to get into my top school

thank you all so much

bump bump bump i’m still stereotypically stressed