Purchasing AP Practice Books

<p>I was looking into some of the ppl's comments and i saw that they are already buying the Practice book when the AP tests are far away... should i buy them too??? would it help my score to buy them now??? and what books should i get for AP Calc, AP Bio, AP USH and AP French then?</p>

<p>AP Calc: Barrons/Princeton Review
AP Bio: Cliff's
AP USH: REA's/Princeton Review</p>

<p>what about french? and do i have to buy them now????</p>

<p>For AP biology I would highly recommend:</p>

by McGraw Hill</p>

<p>My main question was if i had to buy them now... do i?</p>

<p>You certainly don't have to, but I did. I use these books to review for chapter tests and memorize important points.</p>

<p>And I am not familiar with any books for French.</p>

<p>buy them now. They will make the whole course easier.</p>

<p>I haven't actually taken the AP Calc test yet, but WOW. I was so confused at implicit differentiation when the teacher explained it and I referred to PR's Calc book and after 20 minutes, I was able to do every problem they had in the review book. :)</p>

<p>hey chochocho... are those book recommemded good? like will all those get me a 5? should i purchase more than more for subject??? im VERY confused...</p>

<p>bump... Please respond...</p>