Purdue acceptance rates for majors other than FYE and CS

I see a lot of threads here about acceptance/deferral rates of FYE and CS majors at Purdue with outstanding credentials. I’m wondering how much this raises the overall median GPA and test scores reported for Purdue as a whole. Since they make acceptance decisions based on majors it would be nice to see some of this data broken down my school or major. My daughter is applying to the school of health science and planning to major in sports nutrition and fitness. I’d like to know what her odds are with a 29 ACT 1290 SAT and a 3.3 UW GPA and lots of great ECs. College vine and other sites make it look a little bleak (anywhere from 30-67% likelihood which apparently still makes it a target school) I wonder if you take some of those competitive majors out of the mix it would look more hopeful. Does anyone have any input on this or is there a place to find this data? Also does anyone believe they still look at legacy status? I’m a ‘96 Purdue grad so I’d love to think that might help. TIA

I haven’t seen stats broken down by major but CoS and CS makes up a huge percentage of students at Purdue so I think your assessment is valid that they are driving up the stats.

And according to the common data set, legacy is not considered. That said, I think it’s easier to write a why us essay if your parent is a Boiler.

Best of luck to your student!!

I don’t think Purdue is a hard admit outside their specialties - engineering, CS, and I’m sure a few other things - perhaps Aviation.

The stats sort of would back this up with 25% of kids below a 3.5 and below an 1190 SAT or 26 ACT.

If you look at their common data set for last year (Fall 21), their admission rate was 69%. For females, it was 77%. Obviously, their specialties are male leaning in applicants - and their #s back this up - 36K male applicants vs. 23K female.

See section C1 on the CDS attached below.

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Freshman Class Profile - Undergraduate Admissions - Purdue University

CDS_2021-2022.pdf (purdue.edu)

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To answer your question, and the only true answer will be their decision, of course, the known majors tip the scales upward but their 25% levels are still well above your daughter - and it probably is a slight stretch but she’s in range with her ACT. I know you’re saying it’s above due to computer /engineers and their acceptance rate is lower than the overall so that your daughter’s odds are likely better than the overall rate. And that’s fair.

So absolutely apply - but have your others in (including a safety) as well. 30-67% is a wide range - but if you take the middle - 50/50 - just looking at the data, that seems appropriate.

But to your point I think she’ll get in so let’s say 55/45. But - never put all the eggs in one basket. The 3.3 is a bit worrisome. And it’s not a safety jf that’s what you were hoping to hear. Plus in the end only the AOs matter no matter what we say.

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The Data Digest has admission data by school, though not by major (unless you have login access). The Engineering and Science numbers (41.2, 45.5%) make the numbers a bit suspect, but the other schools can be evaluated at least relative to these numbers

Agriculture - 68%
Education - 67%
HHS - 61%
Liberal Arts - 67%
Pharmacy - 85%
Veterinary - 39%
Exploratory -70%
Polytech - 67%
Management - 59%

HHS has a new student ACT average of 27.3, compared to 29.6 for the University a a whole and 31.8 for Engineering.

SAT is 1229 vs. 1328 and 1413.

GPA is 3.71 vs 3.74 and 3.89.

GPA would appear to be the challenging component, depending on course rigor/advanced coursework/etc.

Their CDS say alumni relation is Not Considered.


Thanks for sharing the info on the Data Digest. I am confused - is Exploratory considered competitive, even with 70% acceptance ratio? Also, I am wondering about majors like data science in college of science and data analytics, technologies and applications in Polytech. The major page for Data Science does say that admissions is selective…but not sure exactly what that means. No similar comment for data analytics/tech/app. thanks for any insight.