Purdue Application

<p>Rather idiotic question, but one that I'm still wondering about.</p>

<p>On Purdue's application it's telling me to choose Country (if not U.S.), but there's still an option for United States. Should I assume it's of America (seeing as there are other United States out there)?</p>

<p>Also for the phone number, the application has 3 boxes. The first one is for my area code I'm assuming, it's followed by a - then two more boxes. Should I just put the rest of my number in the second box and skip the third?</p>

<p>Thanks and sorry for such idiotic questions >_<. Just been panicky about college apps.</p>

<p>Yes, you can correctly assume that, but you don't have to fill it in, so leave it blank.</p>

<p>For the phone number yes, you are correct. You can't skip the third because only the third box can accept the last 4 numbers of your home phone #. Fill all the boxes with your area code and phone number</p>