Purdue Chances for Computer Science

Currently I have a ACT of 27

I have a pretty good GPA of a 4.5 weighted and a 3.9 unweighted.
I am ranked in 10 in my class on 520 and I am involved in various things including:
-National Honor Society
-National Technical Honor Society
-Vice President of National Spanish Honor Society
-Member of Key Club
-Member of BioBuilders Club

I have taken or will take these AP Classes:
AP Computer Science
AP Physics I
AP Calculus
AP Literature/Composition

I know my act score is a little low, but I want to know what my chances would be for Purdue Computer Science

The average ACT was 30 last year, 28 being 25th percentile, 32 being 75th percentile. I would say you have a shot, if you applied for priority admission. One concern is that your extracurricular activities, don’t really tie in with the CS major, and to me at least, it seems like you took those because you wanted to pad your college resume. Demonstrating interest in the major will help you greatly, and you should keep that in mind for the future applications.

(I’m sorry if I made a misjudgement)