Purdue CS vs. University of Maryland-College Park CS?

I have gotten into both Purdue CS and UMDCP CS, but I am having hard time with deciding on one.

I am out-of-state for both, and they both cost about the same ($45k vs. $46k p/y).

So I am here to ask you folks which one you think is a better school. I would appreciate it if you include your reason for which one is better.

Thank you!

both are equally good. UMDCP has better ranking and close to NY and DC, easy to get job & internships.

Do you know by any chance which school weeds out more CS students?

UMDCP is better for computer security. I would say a draw for other areas of CS.

I would consider them as equivalent. I know a few Purdue grads who work out here in the Silicon Valley/San Francisco area, while I can’t think of any Maryland grads. That could be because there are plenty of jobs for Maryland alumni near Washington. D.C.,

Although I am doing very well in AP CS course in school and have a great passion for computer science, I have been very intimidated by the rumors that both Purdue and UMDCP weed out some bit of students in freshman and sophomore CS courses. So, while I am seeking a challenging school, I am willing to avoid the school that is so challenging that it will get me to lose passion in computer science after becoming one of those weed-out students. Which one should I choose if this is the case?

I don’t believe schools try to weed out students. What would the motivation be for doing that? Their mission is to educate, and it looks bad for a program to have lots of students drop out.

It’s just that some classes are hard or some teachers are bad, which is something you’ll find at almost any school. I wouldn’t base a decision about where to go to college on a belief that schools are trying to weed out students.

When I was getting my CS degree, the initial courses were the easy ones. I found that the CS classes I took as a senior were the hardest.

Then which school do you think is less challenging? And which school do you think offers better CS program?

There’s no way anyone can say which school is more or less challenging. There isn’t that much to differentiate most CS undergraduate programs, and some of it will have to do with which electives you choose. Both schools have specialized tracks, so maybe you can see which of those looks most interesting to you.