Purdue Early Action Fall 2024/class of ‘28

My daughter is applying to Purdue FYE for class of 2028. My son is a sophomore there. Does it help admissions to have a sibling there? Also, does it help if she is band and plays 3 instruments? Just trying to determine how hard it will be for her to get in. It is her first choice. She currently has a 4.44 WGPA, 1450 SAT (retaking in October), 9 AP classes with 4’s and 5’s, NHS, math, science and Spanish honors society. Tri-M music society. Lifeguards and is on the swim team. She is in several clubs and holds 3 jobs. She is out of state and URM. Although, I don’t think that can play into admissions anymore.

Purdue doesn’t give a legacy bump so having a sibling there will just help in writing the why Purdue essay.

Any EC that your D is passionate about will help. Sounds like she’s right in the ball park with her stats.

Good luck to her!

Boiler up!


My son absolutely loves Purdue. He is in Chemical Engineering. My daughter thinks she wants Mechanical. I am taking her with me to drop him off in August. She said why would she not want to go there when they are so highly ranked? Lol. But, I know she will go crazy over the campus when she sees it. He will give her the full tour.


My D just graduated from Chem E. Had an amazing experience at Purdue!


Congrats! How hard was it to find a job? He did not have luck with any internships this summer. Hoping for next summer. He will be graduating early after 3 years.

After first year it’s tough to land an internship.

Make sure he I not just relying on the school but setting up searches on LinkedIn and indeed. And it’s 12 weeks. Only 12 weeks or sometimes 10. Worry less about location and more about getting experience.

My kid at Alabama (not ranked) in meche had no issue (but did have an issue after first year but it was also covid) and my kid in Poli Sci also had no issue (after 2nd year) from a little known school. She didn’t try after first.

The trick is - use the school’s resources but you have to push on your own as well. And quantity matters. Every no is one step closer to a yes.

So every day do two to three apps once they start opening. Set up an indeed search that sends chemical engineering internships daily. Yes you might send 60, 80, 100 apps but eventually you’ll get calls

It’s not efficient but in order to get a top job you need experience. So for intern purposes, cast a wider net.

That will make finding a full time job much easier later where you can then focus more on desires. Experience matters.

The student has to want it - to get a good internship. Those who sit back relying on others will fair worse.

I remember a story about a ga tech kid. In his dorm window, he spelled ‘hire me’ out of post it notes. The company across the street found him and hired him as an intern. You have to advocate for yourself or no one will.

I’ve been pming with the poster but for other students new to Purdue, I want to note that Purdue has one of the largest on site career fairs in the country. They vie with GT in bringing the most companies to campus. The career center is an amazing resource and should be utilized from day 1. They will help with resume polishing, elevator pitches, and interviewing.

My D never needed to do outside interviewing. All her positions were through IR (Industry Roundtable) and the career center. She had two internships, a co op, plus worked in a research lab during the year. Her co op made her a competitive full time offer before she even started her senior year. 1/3 of Purdue engineers opt for co op.

There are many pathways into the job force from all schools but IMO, this career readiness is one of Purdue’s unique strengths.

Freshmen should come to campus with an interview suit and make an appointment with the career center during orientation. First IR is in September. Go talk to companies that don’t have lines, just to start practicing talking to recruiters. Very likely not to have offers that first go around but it’s the practice that is valuable. There is another engineering specific fair in late January and then a university/research fair later in the spring.


But it’s important for kids to take advantage of school resources - like career fairs. . Many don’t. My son would say - I have class I can’t miss when so and so is there that I’d like to meet, etc.

Kids need to put career into priority for it to happen.

Many companies today set up on campus visits but on line. It’s a new world - at least at many schools. Can’t speak to Purdue. But it’s clear from both my kid’s experience that applying online can bring great success. And open avenues one didn’t know existed. I mean there’s tons of companies hiring.

Too many think it is handed to them. And it’s not the case. And I agree - first thing - get to the career center. We say it - but our kids don’t listen. I don’t even know if my rising Junior knows where hers is.

IR lasts multiple days, there is an app (which also tells students who will talk to freshman) to sign up for slots, and recruiters are there all day. Interviews are often in the evening.

If a Purdue student says they didn’t have time to go to IR they haven’t prioritized properly. :wink:


That’s impressive!!

“Yes you might send 60, 80, 100 apps but eventually you’ll get calls”
This is so true.

Also, surround yourself with people who are doing this too.

Talk to the leaders in your Learning Community. They will have tips to help you along and know people in the industry.

Add a TA position to your weekly schedule.

Be on the front line in a club that is in your field of study.

Be active on Linkedin and know about the companies you are applying.

My son says apply and reach out via LinkedIn before the career fair and someone might just know you by name when you arrive. All of this worked for him.

It was hard work but when you get that internship it all seemed worth it.

Some of these companies pay their interns very good money.


My daughter spent 13 hours at the IR last week. Definitely a must- do event at Purdue!

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