Purdue Engineering Honors Chances?

Okay, so I’m applying to Purdue and really want to get into the engineering honors college. I’ve looked at the website, and they don’t post any information on acceptance statistics, so I’m not sure what my chances are. Here are some basic stats:

Major: Engineering
Female, In-state
GPA: 4.17 (unweighted = about 3.98)
Class Rank: 9/155
ACT Score: 32 (I retook this, but still waiting for the scores to release)
SAT: Waiting for scores

President of the Technology Student Association
Captain of the Marksmanship Team
Plus membership in a few more

HOBY State Ambassador
College Board Rural and Small Town Recognition Award

I have a friend who was salutatorian of her class last year that applied and didn’t get in, so I’m not feeling too good about my chances. I’m a female, if that makes any difference. Any input at all would be really appreciated. Also, if I’m not accepted, can I reapply next year?

As you’ve found, specific data isn’t widely available or discussed. The sense that I have of it is that you’d be in that “in the mix” group - not clearly in or out. A bump in ACT or SAT scores would help.

I appreciate your input. I’m still waiting for scores, and I’ll probably retake the SAT again, so hopefully that will help.

Purdue takes about 10% from each major for HC as opposed to some schools that take the top 10% of all applicants. This increases the competition for engineering honors even more.

It’s a holistic process with no firm parameter so hard to chance. I agree that your stats put you in the ball park (my D was accepted to HC with similar stats). They also look at course rigor (especially AP physics C because honors eng design integrates physics into the class), ECs, and leadership.

The good news is if you don’t get into honors, there are still wonderful live/learn communities for engineering. EPICS is a great one but there are many more - https://www.purdue.edu/learningcommunities/profiles/engineering/index.html

My D will be starting FYE at Purdue in fall 2021. Even though she is quite qualified, she did not apply for the honors college. Can one apply for the honors college once they have already started at Purdue, for example, after first semester?

Yes, students can apply later for admission into honors college but IMO, if a student doesn’t start out there, you lose a lot of the benefits, especially with the honor engineering design class