Purdue Exploratory Studies Program

Hi everyone,

I was just offered an “Exploratory Studies Program” at Purdue. I applied for Computer Science. Super excited about it, but have a few questions after reading up about it.

  1. CODO (Change of Degree Objective) is a program they offer as part of this Exploratory Studies Initiative. Do the courses that I take as part of this program count towards my final program?

  2. What are the chances to get into the Computer Science major from the Exploratory Studies program? If anyone knows someone who has been through this, I’d appreciate learning more about it.


High School Senior

Honestly, CODO into CS is quite difficult from any major. If you’ve been accepted directly into a CS program elsewhere it might be a better option. It’s certainly a safer one.

My D graduates from Purdue this Spring, and I often highly recommend the school, but it might not be the right choice here.

This is from 2019, and it’s only getting more difficult.

I agree with RichinPitt. I’m also a Purdue parent and love the school. But, there are no guarantees you will be able to CODO to CS no matter how high of GPA you earn freshman year. If you know you want to study CS and have a direct admit somewhere else, I’d go there.

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The CODO classes would apply to the major. Theoretically, you could take the same first year classes as a CS major. However, if my son’s attempts to sign up for classes his first year is any indication, it is difficult to obtain classes for the major that you have much less the one to which you wish to transfer. Students accepted into the CS program would have priority for those classes, it seems.
If the Purdue CS is your dream, then go for it and bet on yourself. However, I would recommend preparing your self mentally, if you end up in Information Systems or something similar. Like the person said above, a direct admit somewhere else is the safer play.
All that being said, I recommend asking your Purdue-assigned contact, as I do know how many of the accepted CS majors are going to decide to take a COVID gap year, opening up more spots for next year.

I’m surprised students would be considering a gap year since Purdue had students on campus both semesters. 75% of my D’s classes last semester were in person.

You are likely correct. However, I am not certain. I know that some kids at our local high school are taking a gap year, because of whatever, but I have not seen numbers on it. Plus, I have not seen any research as to how COVID has impacted gap years, but I did see an article stating that fewer males are going to colleges this year. Of course, that is different than taking a gap year.
As for Purdue, my son had in person classes last semester but all but a lab and 1/3 of a class (hybrid) online this semester. Regardless, being on campus has been good for him, and a gap year would not have been the right move for him.

For kids interested in moving from Exploratory studies to Engineering, does "Major is open with no anticipated space restrictions. " mean that a student that meets the other requirements will definitely be admitted to that major? For example:

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering (CMPE)
Electrical Engineering (ECEB)

General Requirements:

Minimum Semesters: 2 
Minimum Credits: 12 
Minimum GPA: 3.0

Course Requirements:

3.0 GPA or better AND C- or better in the following: 
    MA 16100 or MA 16500 
    MA 16200 or MA 16600 
    CHM 11500 
    CS 15900 or CHM 11600 or BIOL 11000 
    PHYS 17200 

C- or better in the following: 
    Oral Communication Foundational Outcome course (typically COM 11400) 
    Written Communication Foundational Outcome course (typically ENGL 10600)

Other Requirements:

Students are accepted for FALL and SPRING. 
Major is open with no anticipated space restrictions. 
Students must be in good academic standing (not on academic probation).


Majors can close out at any time. Just because it’s open for this year doesn’t mean that it will be the following. ECE is typically a very popular major. I’d ask Purdue directly about how many students successfully CODO’d to ECE last cycle and the average stats.

FWIW, BME had a surge in '18 and they changed the requirements because the major was at capacity so students who met all the minimum GPA requirements, and far exceeded them, still didn’t get into the major. My understanding is that was very unusual but it should be on your radar if the student has a direct admit pathway somewhere else.