Purdue Honors Discussion 2025

This thread is for all who applied to Purdue Honors College. Feel free to post updates and questions here.

Good luck to you all!

If you would like to share your statistics please do:
State Residency:
Accepted Y/N:

On the Purdue website it says that people will be notified by February 15th.

Does anyone know what the average statistics are for students in the Purdue Honors College?

I’ve never seen statistics published for incoming honors college students. This is what Purdue says: “The selection process for Honors College invitations is holistic. GPA, test scores, aptitude for interdisciplinary learning, leadership and engagement are all considered.”

Okay thank you!

School: Engineering
ACT: 35
GPA: 94.92 UW (~3.92)
STEM magnet school w/ competitive admission process
All courses Honors/DE/AP
Rank: N/A
State Residency: NJ
Accepted Y/N: Y

School: Exploratory studies
SAT: 1560
SAT Math 2: 800
WGPA: 4.26
UW GPA: 3.97
6 APs by end of senior year
5 college courses
Varsity soccer
Rank: N/A
State Residency: CA
Accepted honors Y/N: Y
Merit scholarship: 10K presidential scholarship

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School: Business
ACT 29
GPA: 5.0 weighted
Accepted Honors College

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School: Agriculture (Pre-Veterinary Medicine)
ACT: 28
GPA: 4.0
3 APs by the end of senior year
National Honor Society President, National Art Honor Society Vice President, Captain of the Volleyball Team, experience in the Veterinary Field.
Rank: Top 20%
State Residency: TX
Accepted into the Honors College

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ACT: 33
GPA: 4.077
Gender: Female
Major: Chemical Engineering
State Residency: Massachusetts
Accepted Y/N: Yes!

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School: Krannert
ACT: 26
GPA: 4.2 W (3.96 UW)
13 Honors/AP Courses
Top 10% of Class
ECs: President of Local Interact Club, Student Council, Varsity Golf, etc.
State: OH

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ACT: 35
SAT: 1600
GPA: 3.9 (UW)
Rank: School does not rank
In State
Major: Engineering
Accepted to Honors!

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OOS Student Here. Where do I hear back from Purdue HC? No email or portal update yet.

School: Agriculture (Pre-Veterinary Medicine)
ACT: 31
GPA: 4.16 (weighted), school does not calculate unweighted
5 APs by the end of senior year
Band leader (flute), orchestra, national travel club volleyball team, approx. 500 service hours, youth ministry, experience in the Veterinary Field.
School does not rank
Hispanic (National
Hispanic Scholar)
State Residency: TX
Accepted into the Honors College

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I got mine through email.

Ours arrived via email

ACT: 31
GPA: 3.67/4.66
Rank: Top 6%
I’ve taken 5 AP exams
I did marching band for four years and I was a section leader for two years.
I’m doing IBE at Krannert School of Management
I was accepted into honors

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