Purdue increasing housing

For those families not familiar with Purdue, Aspire is adjacent to a number of dorms and for all intents and purposes, on campus, and in a great location.

This is the first official “sign” that Purdue’s yield was greater than forecasted this cycle…again.


Or they are playing catch-up to previous years’ overyields…

Wow! Thats a nice building. There are going to be some lucky students living there.


I would think leases for next year are signed so I wouldn’t think Purdue could use it for excess housing this year.

A signed housing agreement confirms a student’s desire to have a room for the upcoming year.

Why would this prevent a school from adding housing to meet the number of these signed agreements?

If 10,000 students signed a housing agreement, the university has 9,500 existing rooms, and they acquire 500 new rooms, why would those 500 new rooms not be available to be assigned to those students to meet the demand?

I imagine they have to honor existing leases, but if not all rooms are spoken for, they should be able to use them.