Purdue Retention

<p>Does anybody have the exact numbers for the dropout/retention rate for Purdues Engineering Program. Are classes weeders if you dont attend and dont do the homework?</p>

<p>Generally hovers in the 50% range.</p>

<p>HUGE weed out courses - CHM 115, first two calculus courses and physics. Requires more time and focus than most expect the first year - easy to get distracted.</p>

<p>It's hard to survive if your not working problems always (even if not assigned homework) or going to every class.</p>

<p>Put the blinders on; get it done in 4 years and be 22 years old making $50k+/yr</p>

<p>yeah, dont be fooled by the numbering systems - the intro physics/bio classes are pretty work intensive,as you might expect.</p>

<p>We attended the admit students program on Monday-they said that there are a huge number of kids in the classes and yes, there are some that don't make it. But as you said, their comments were if you go to class and stay on top of your homework, you will be fine.</p>