Purdue University Acceptances - Class of 2025

If you have been accepted to Purdue, please state the following…

Date Applied

Date Accepted

GPA (weighted and unweighted)

SAT/ACT score (also if you took the essay and included that score on your application)

Any other significant/important details about your application that you’d like to add :slight_smile:

Thanks and good luck to everyone!

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My understanding of Purdue is that they are quite serious when they say that EA applicants will hear back “on January 15.” From what I have been told, this is exactly when they send them out and not a moment before. Would be so great if they did let students know earlier though! January 15 is a long way away!

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Yes, there is no more rolling admission at Purdue. They will release all the EA decisions together in January.

For Engineering at Purdue do you need to choose a major after the first year? Or are you registered for your major on admissions to Purdue?
Thank you
Got it at this page: https://engineering.purdue.edu/ENE/Academics/Undergrad/FYE/T2M

You will be admitted as an engineer. All engineers take FYE - first year engineering courses and then during the spring apply to their specific major within engineering. The FYE courses are designed to expose students to all the fields and their stats show that many many students change from what they thought they wanted to a different field within engineering. To be garunteed your specific major, you need a 3.2 GPA at the end of your first year, and then priority for spots goes by GPA for all those below 3.2. In their info session they did make it clear that most all students - regardless of GPA - do get their first choice so not to stress about it (i.e. do well, but no need to panic if you are below 3.2).

One week to go until decisions pour out of West Lafayette!


I would suggest adding major to acceptance data. Engineering and CS statistics are historically quite different than other colleges/departments.

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Does anyone know the time we will hear decisions this Friday (based on previous years)?

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Purdue BME class of 2023 student here. They say 5PM EST and I would say that is pretty accurate. If I remember correctly from when I got admitted 2 years ago (jeez that’s a long time) it might have been maybe 15-ish minutes early.

Good luck to everyone waiting on decisions to come out on the 15th, and let me know if anyone has any questions!


@cz19512 or others,my DS22 has Purdue computer engineering at the top of his target list along with SMU. What is great about Purdue engineering and Purdue as a whole? Is there a particularly good time to visit? I’m looking forward to stats of those who are accepted or denied. Our high school does well at Purdue but wonder how much harder engineering is.

I will preface this by saying I know absolutely nothing about SMU as it was never on my potential lists of any sorts. What really stood out to me about Purdue’s engineering program was the first year engineering (FYE) program. I went into college knowing what engineering discipline I wanted to pursue, but many don’t. When you first get admitted, your son’s major will be FYE, and this is for that reason. A lot of students know what they want to pursue, but many are either debating between 2 or 3, and some have absolutely no idea. The FYE program is designed to allow freshman to really explore all the majors that are offered so that they aren’t CODOing (changing majors) freshman, sophomore, even junior year.

In regards to Purdue as a whole, I felt like I belonged the first time I visited campus, and I know that probably isn’t super helpful, but they say once you know you know. Purdue has a ton of clubs (just about anything you can think of), it’s location is really great (yea it’s in the middle of nowhere but looking at the bigger picture you’ve got Chicago and Indy), and West Lafayette and Lafayette in general provides for a lot of really fun adventures during the weekends.

In terms of visiting, because you’re son is a perspective freshman (so not admitted yet), there are daily tours that the Office of Admissions offers (I’m not quite sure how that has changed due to COVID, but I’ve seen them around). I first visited during fall of my senior year and it was a great time because that was when everyone was back on campus and you could get a sense of campus life. I would say visit during fall or spring to get that sense (or winter if you want to be a little cold). Once he gets admitted, Purdue will send out more info on visits and whatnot.


@cz19512 thanks a bunch for the insight! SMU is because we’re in Texas and our daughter attends there. I’d imagine Purdue engineering competition would be UT-Austin and Illinois among others.

I may encourage waiting until this fall so we can attend a football game during our visit and maybe head over to UofI as well just due to proximity. I majored in chemical engineering for three years in undergrad and the internships or fellow engineers were populated with Purdue grads and GA Tech but no others out of state. In food science, Purdue again looms large.

So I see that Purdue had a 1402 average SAT and 31.3 average ACT in fall 2018. Purdue also grew enrollment by 600, or 32%, from fall 2014 to fall 2018. Any idea what drove that increase?

My daughter is a junior chem e at Purdue.

She loved everything about campus from her very first visit. She said the students were “her people” - the right combination, for her, of smart, collaborative, friendly, and happy. She also loved the STEM focus and that resources, new buildings, and the campus layout were centered around engineering.

She also loved the FYE program and that she would be an “engineer” from day 1. She is in honors college so her FYE was a bit different because it integrated physics and CS into the course. She said it was both the most challenging and most rewarding course she took as a Freshman. She learned a TON! Engineering advising was also fabulous.

Purdue students return to campus next week. They are doing tours but in a very limited way with no access indoors. It’s unfortunate because the engineering specific tour was great when we took it. That said, I believe
it’s available online. If you can swing a visit, go when school is in session.

Stats for accepted students for the College of Engineering are higher than the average listed for the university as a whole. You can look up last year’s accepted class thread on CC to see the stats of students accepted/rejected. I believe my D’s year, the average GPA for the incoming class was 3.9, and a 32 ACT. Acceptance rate was in the high 30%. For students wanting to study CS in the College of Science, it’s even more competitive but they don’t have a secondary process for acceptance to the major. (All FYEs need to to transition to their major after freshman year and popular majors require higher GPA thresholds. Here is a link to that process: Transition to Major - School of Engineering Education - Purdue University)
Purdue has experienced planned growth under President Mitch Daniels. They’ve built two new dorms since my D arrived on campus.

PS. My D is on the outreach committee of SWE and talks to prospective women engineering students all the time. If your daughter would like to talk to a student, private message me and I can provide my D’s contact information. She’s on co-op this semester but is still actively involved with SWE.


Anyone know anything about changing majors? My first choice was actuarial science and second was finance. I applied in early September but am not super happy about my first choice major as of right now. I heard both are equally competitive (I have a 4.23 W and 32 act 34 SS). What are my options (even changing the major but still staying in college of science or going to Krannert)?

@tristatecoog Since I am a sophomore, I don’t know the full stats of 2014-2018, but I have a couple of ideas as to the increase.

  1. Frozen tuition is probably a big factor. It’s something that really stands out among other BIG10 schools. I’m from MN, so I have a lot of friends who go to UMN and UW, and they’ve had tuition increases, while we haven’t. In fact, tuition is staying frozen through at least my senior year, so that was something that really appealed to me.
  2. The job market is seeing an increase in engineering. Engineers will always be needed, so that could be a factor, but it could also be said about the many other majors, such as CS, food science like you mentioned, nursing, and more.
  3. My final guess would be just the “popularity” if you want to call it that. People are realizing the value of a Purdue degree, so more people are wanting to attend.

Those are my guesses, but I’m sure there are more reasons as to why there was that increase.

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My oldest son just graduated from Purdue in May, CS major. His tuition was the same the whole time he was there, and he got a nice scholarship and lived in the honors dorm, which was great. CS is certainly a challenging program, even for someone with a lot of coding experience like my son had before he went. We are big fans of the school. If you’re not planning to live in that general area, it can be harder to find a job–S did all his on his own since he wanted to stay closer to the Nashville area. My son is applying to Krannert so it will be a different experience from CS, if he gets in.

Good luck to everyone tomorrow.

Will financial aid and or scholarships be shown in the acceptance letter tomorrow?

Yesterday the posted on Twitter a timeline of when information will be received. Briefly:
-Jan 15 @ 5pm EST - decisions released
-Merit scholarships will be released with your admission decision (does not include supplemental scholarships, which will come in your financial aid package)
-Financial Aid packages (with supplemental scholarships) will be sent out late Feb thru early March
-Honors college decisions will be sent late February through early March
I hope this helps! Good luck to all!!


Thank you, this is very helpful information.

good luck everyone !!

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