purdue university essay question help! i have no idea wat im doin :O

<p>Envision yourself near the end of a fulfilling, lifelong career and you just published your autobiography. Share the title and introduction: </p>

<p>A Life Well-Lived</p>

<p>I have done it all. All of my dreams, I have pursued with vigor and fulfilled with a sense of pride. The achievements people thought were impossible for me to accomplish, I have accomplished. Who could wish for more in the evening of life? My story is one that must be told so that it will never be forgotten. The life journey through which I have traveled so delightfully will serve as an inspiration for all. Life is lived but once, so it is imperative that it be lived well and make use of it to the maximum.
I need only mention one word that contributed enormously to my successful career, and it is “Imagination”. The word itself has the power to consummate anything! I harnessed the wonderful power of being open-minded at a very young age and I learnt how to control it. As I am writing this now, I remember waking up early one morning after a dream that changed my life forever only to start building a model rocket ship from Legos. Sadly, it did not fly.</p>