purdue v/s IU

<p>I know that IU is better than Purdue for Finance, but I was particularly intersted in management(general). How do these schools match up when it comes to mgt. (jop placement, quality of placement etc)?</p>

<p>How easy it to transfer from the mgt. to indstrial mgt. programs(within Krannert)?</p>

<p>Does the coursework for Industrial mgt. involve a lot of technical stuff (when compared with mgt.)?</p>

<p>Industrial Management requires Physics, Chemistry, Calculus I, II, and Multivariate, so it requires much more math, than management at Purdue or IU, as far general management it's a toss up between Purdue and Kelley, but Purdue requires more math, anything else like Marketing Finance, etc, Kelley wins out.</p>

<p>I already have an admit for Purdue's Krannert. I am interested in General management, should I stick with Purdue or is IU much better for management (i don't really care about finance,accounting etc)?</p>