Purdue vs NC State for Chemical Engineering

Son was accepted into many amazing schools except of course not the one in-state, so out-of-state he goes. While his safeties gave him a good amount of merit money, they just dont have the opportunities (i.e. co-op, internships) and company connections of the others. Of the remaining schools he was accepted into, Purdue and NC State seem to offer lots of corporate connections and opportunities while still being a great deal less expensive than the other schools. The decision is all his, of course, but I am curious if anyone has any good knowledge on why one might be better than the other? Thank you so very much for any thoughts you have!

I have a junior chem e at Purdue. I can’t say enough about how wonderful Purdue has been. She is a 3 term co-op student and has also had summer internships off cycle. The career center is phenomenal. Purdue and GT vie for the most number of companies they bring to campus every year. So many opportunities!

I can’t speak for the comparison as NC State was not on my D’s list.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any specific questions at Purdue.

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