Purdue West Lafayette v.s. Purdue North Central

I received a scholarship from PNC for their mechanical engineering program (BSME) that pretty much covers my entire tuition for four years, and I might be able to get more. I was also accepted into Purdue West Lafayette’s school of engineering, but I haven’t received any scholarships. As it stands right now, my parents won’t be able to take out loans, so I am left to cover any costs that are not covered by grants, scholarships, or Stafford and Perkins loans. What I was wondering was, what are the differences between a degree from PNC and West Lafayette and how could they possibly affect me when I get a job in engineering? Are employers more likely to hire me from West Lafayette? Would I get payed more? If so, does anyone have any suggestions on how I might pay for West Lafayette after I use my grants and government loans?