Pure math/science courses vs. engineering courses?

<p>Which classes did you find more difficult, the pure math and science courses mostly from freshman and sophomore year (calc 1,2,3, Diff EQ, Phys 1,2, chem 1,2) or the engineering specific courses mostly in junior and senior years? Im going in to Mech so classes like thermo, heat and mass transfer, or mechatronics. But please weigh in on any other engineering majors classes.</p>

<p>Your major classes will be harder, but it's your major so you will put more time into it.</p>

<p>Your lower division classes are going to be more busy work, while the upper level classes will be more specific and the material will generally be harder. I prefer harder material, but less budy work, so I am prefering my upper level Civil Engineering Courses more than I did my basics.</p>

<p>For me, this is the order of difficulty starting with the hardest.
Physics 1
Cal 2
Cal 1
Diff Eq
Cal 3
Phys 2 (took it at a community college, normally quite difficult. More so than Physics one because you can't visualize as well).</p>

<p>Physics II is definitely the hardest because it has so much to cover - electromagnetism just throw people off... it takes forever for someone to finally write down the equation for inductance ....</p>