Pure Math

<p>Hello, I'm looking for colleges with top math departments. I'm thinking of pure math (is it called that or theoretical math?) instead of applied math. Also, I don't know if anything talks about things so specific, but does anyone know any schools known for graph theory? Thanks!</p>


<p>I would add MIT (even for pure math).</p>

<p>pure math...then I'll add Cambridge and U of Chicago</p>

<p>look at the grad rankings for math departments to get <em>an idea</em> (and I must emphasize that it is only A STARTING POINT)</p>

<p>But honestly, its really not that important. Most top schools have good math departments, even a lot of top lib arts colleges have good math departments. Find some schools you like, and then see which one has the best math department, remembering that you may not get the best education as an undergrad in math at princeton (which is probably considered to be the "best" for math)</p>

<p>ehiunno's words are good advices.You've to work hard by yourself, not teachers.</p>

I have also heard good things about University of Utah. Maybe easier to get into :-)</p>

<p>i would think a math major would feel out of place at NYU</p>

<p>Why would a math major feel out of place at NYU?</p>

<p>think of the image NYU projects (the first few ideas, images, whatever comes to mind when you hear NYU).</p>

<p>now think of a math major, an engineer, a computer programmer or whatever.</p>

<p>how many of those thoughts coincided or had any relation whatsoever?</p>

<p>^^ who cares?</p>

<p>I do not think your aim should be to attend a school 'known for graph theory,' for I am sure there are none. Graph Theory is heavily used (right now) in areas of computer science (networks), operations research and statistics. However, no real discoveries are being made in the field. It seems to me that the most popular problems in Graph Theory are NP-hard problems. Don't base your life around these! :)</p>

<p>SWAP, Carleton, Harvey Mudd</p>

<p>i dunno, maybe the person considering NYU. most humans like to fit in (crazy i know).</p>

<p>Maybe I'm biased, but Case Western Reserve University has an excellent Math department. They give outstanding financial aid packages, and if you are really so concerned about fitting in as a math major, then you'll do fine there.</p>

<p>You'd be very inaccurate to generalize math majors. Nowadays there are all kinds.</p>

<p>Incidentally the Courant Institute for Mathematics at NYU has a very very good reputation, although its for applied math.</p>

<p>like what kinds? i didnt even realize they were sorted into "kinds". im not sure i get your point.</p>

<p>why out of place at NYU?
NYU offers actuarial science as a major via their business school, Stern
Also, as foxdie! noted, the CIM does have a good rep</p>

<p>man you guys are making a huge deal out of what was meant to be a minor comment, one that should make obvious sense if you take political correctness out of the picture.</p>

<p>and for the sake of efficiency, ActuarialDJ, let's try not to ask the same questions twice.</p>