Pursuing a IMC or MFA?

Hey everyone,

I am really stuck on what to do next. I recently graduated last year in Spring of 2019 with a Bachelors of Marketing and a Minor in Creative Writing. I enjoyed many of my marketing classes that I taken throughout. I really however loved my writing classes I taken for my Minor. Honestly, If I was stuck between the two, It seems I am more invested in the creative side of things. I usually am caught up watching movies, reading stories, even watching 10+ hr youtube videos of cutscenes put together from my favorite video game series.

These are some of the schools I have considered.

West Virgina University for their Intergrated Marketing Communications.
Oklahoma University for Strategic Communications and Digital Strategy
What are your thoughts on this? Thanks

Why do think you need more education? What have you been doing since you graduated? What is your financial situation? Debt from undergraduate? How are you going to support yourself during the program? Part/full time?

I have continued working the job I have since college. Have plenty of debt, payments arent unreasonable but not manageable enough to live on my own. It seems these programs can be taken online so I could continue my current living/ job situation and do that.

Even though I have well rounded knowledge of marketing and could probably pursue a entry lvl job through sales, It’s not what I really want to do in terms of career. I might have to suck it up and apply for one. Management trainne seems to be the only jobs out there that I qualify for.

Right now studying part-time looks do-able to you, but if you don’t make enough money to pay down your current debt and live on your own, where are you going to find the money to pay for even part-time studies? I would encourage you to work a few years more and pay down your debt. Grad school can wait until you feel a driving, burning need to study again. Use some of your time off from classes to thoroughly research the career placement track record at each of the places on your list.