Pursuing MBA

<p>I'm currently studying to take the GMAT and then apply to MBA Programs. I graduated in 2006 with a 2.5 gpa. The main reason my GPA was so low was because my sophmore year i failed a couple of classes. Now that I am applying i'm worried that my GPA will really hurt me because I should score pretty well on the GMAT and have very relevant work experience and community service. Would it be worth it to try to go back to school taking some accounting and finance courses? If so how should I do taht? I can't take more than two classes part-time anywhere and I don't think i can 'transfer' now that i already have a BS in business admin. </p>

<p>I'd really appreciate any input. I can't seem to find any good solutions. I could spend the next year working, but I don't know how valuable that would be considering I am planning on going back to school in the Fall of 2011. I'd rather find a relevant internship and take some classes. </p>

<p>Any help would really be appreciated</p>