Putting a word in for Wesleyan College, Macon GA

<p>Wesleyan is a very small women's college, located in Macon GA. Methodists were unfortunately very unimaginative when naming their colleges, so the "Wesleyan" appellation is overused: Ohio Wesleyan, Texas Wesleyan, etc. However, Wesleyan College is a special, distinctive place and is, I believe, very underrated by many. Yes, I attended Wesleyan (class of 1980), but have kept up with what's going on at the school through visits and a close friend on the Board of Trustees. Wesleyan's new president, it's first alumnae to hold the job, is doing a terrific job and generating new enthusiasm on campus. There is a fabulous new science building that just opened this fall. Any young women looking for a place to major in biology or chemistry should give Wesleyan serious consideration, especially if she has good academic credentials but would like the supportive, encouraging atmosphere of a smaller liberal arts college. </p>

<p>Tuition at Wesleyan is low compared to other private colleges, but I don't believe that is an indicator of low quality. Several years ago, the college decided to lower tuition across the board, rather than playing the game of having "high" tuition and then giving lots of "funny money" financial aid. Unfortunately, they discovered that many people see high tuition = high quality, and low tuition = low quality. They are raising tuition, but slowly. They are also offering generous scholarships to good students. Hopefully, that will both encourage more young women to attend Wesleyan, and raise their "stats" in the rating services. </p>

<p>My own daughter did a campus visit last spring and was surprised by how much she liked it. She stayed overnight in a dorm and visited several classes. She gave it serious consideration, but felt it's just too far from where we live now (Michigan) for her. Most students are from Georgia and Florida, but there is lots of diversity on campus, with many minority and international students on campus.</p>

<p>The singular form of alumnae is alumna.</p>

<p>I've been impressed with what I've read about WC in recent years. The relatively low tuition is icing on the cake. More women should consider it when applying to colleges.</p>

<p>Awful experience, as a private school no open records so, crime is unreported to my knowledge rape,drug sales beatings all happen but you will never know. Also it is very common for girl friends to share dorm rooms with non paying students as the sisterhood prevents any rule enforcement. One of the best features of the school is that it very supportive of the gay community. The education is above average but so gay oriented I have concerns the students can function in mainstream society. The sad fact is you can't figure this out until your student has been through hell for one or two semesters. Since it is a private institution if you complain about anything as a parent you are invited to leave. My advice ,unless you feel lucky don't risk your daughter .</p>