putting karate on my app?

<p>Hey Guys,</p>

<p>So as the title suggests, I was wondering if I should put shotokan karate on my application--the thing is I participated in it from like 2nd grade (as a white belt) and received a 1st degree black belt in 9th grade. After 9th grade, I quit because it was kind of far away and like any other freshman I was freaking out about the amount of work I had to do (which in retrospect wasn't bad at all). But getting a black belt for my organization is a really big deal and so I was wondering would colleges think weirdly of the fact that I only have it for one year?</p>

<p>If was an adcom, I'd think it was a nice activity. Maybe in parentheses on the sheet you could put "also from 2nd-9th grade." They wouldn't count it against you.</p>