Putting together a list of schools to visit that are safe/target /reach

My daughter and I are trying to put together a list of schools that are a combination of target/reach/safety schools.

She is in all AP/honors classes 3.8 gpa
1420 SAT 740 Math 680 Verbal

She is President of a club that she founded, member of NHS, member of her schools honor society, peer mentor, has awards for her extensive volunteer work with disabled children for all of her high school years. She works hard and is an all around great student!

She has her eyes on a medium - large college to study psychology in California and continuing for her masters in an Industrial Organizational Psychologist major … I would prefer East coast.


Thank you in advance for any assistance.

What is your budget?

Have you run Net Price Calculators anywhere yet to see if there ia the chance that they can fall within your budget?

What is your state of residence?

Her stats give her auto admission (see the thread on that topic at the top of the College Admission Forum) and auto full ride or full tuition scholarships (see the threas on that topic in the Financial Aid Forum) at a number of places. Some of those would be her truly safe options provided she likes them well enough to attend if all else goes wrong.