pwc scholars

<p>im seeing the same information everywhere about what the pwc scholars program offers its students. i was recently admitted and am curious to here from somebody who is in the program or knows more about it first hand. what are the average starting salaries? what companies are recruiting specifically from the program? what do you think of the pwc scholars program as a whole? my decision is between this program and michigan's industrial engineering program. any info would be great</p>


<p>You’re missing out on making connections with lots of Binghamton University students. Go to this facebook profile today and connect other new students and current students, including Orientation Advisors who you will meet in the coming weeks at campus.
[Official</a> Binghamton University Class of 2014 | Facebook](<a href=“Facebook Public Group | Facebook”>Facebook Public Group | Facebook)</p>

<p>okay since that wasn’t the slightest bit helpful binghamtonbuzz…does anyone else have any info that could help me</p>