Q&A with a current student

Hey all!
For anyone that still has questions about what life, academics, Greek life, and anything else in between is like at SMU, I’d be more than happy to address any questions and/or concerns about life at SMU. A little bit of background on myself: I’m a business student (Finance) and philosophy major (weird right?) that went through the BBA Scholars program and have enjoyed my time at SMU so far. Like many others have said, SMU’s connections within the Dallas area are second to none and offers the most merit scholarships (based of percentage of student body) in the top 100 universities in the United States. I’ll finish by saying that SMU is the perfect size for a university, large enough to have all the assets, services, programs, clubs, and night life that all public universities will have while also staying small enough to have the individual attention that small private schools have. Also with Buechele staying another season, what’s not to love?

Thanks for the input. Do you mind if I ask what year you are in, where you are from, what other schools/ programs you considered, and if you participate in Greek life?

Of course not! I’m a freshman from San Antonio and I do participate in Greek Life
As an undergrad business major, I did look at many of the top schools where I could pursue an undergrad business or an equivalent so Tulane, Pepperdine, Mccombs (UT Austin), Northwestern, UNC Chapel Hill, TAMU, and NYU.

Did you receive a merit scholarship award from SMU ?

To which other schools were you offered admission ?

Yes, I recurved Provost and for the schools accepted: TAMU, Tulane, Pepperdine, Vandy, TCU and waitlisted at NYU

Was it difficult to pledge while maintaining a good GPA? How many credit hours did you complete during pledging? Is the Greek scene a huge part of campus life?

Once you find yourself on campus, you will find Greek Life prevalent in many parts of campus, official stats on Greek participation is something like 43% of undergrad population. As for pledging, maintaining a good GPA is not difficult at all and easily doable.

Do you know much about students that are offered admission for the spring time?

Yeah, I had a couple of friends that were accepted for Spring admission, unfortunately they all decided to forego SMU and enter at other schools instead of waiting til Spring. For the people who do attend SMU with spring admission, studying abroad is really common for the fall semester before they return to campus for spring.