Q-dropped class..

<p>I Q-dropped a class but it's still showing up on my grade report and it says F, is it time to start freaking out? I did everything like a week before the deadline too.</p>

<p>That's weird. Yeah call your specific college's dean. I Q-dropped a class too, but all it says is "Q" where there should be a grade and like it should - it does not affect me my hours or GPA. </p>

<p>And you were supposed to have a copy for your own records of that form with the signatures from your professor - that would be handy if you still had it!</p>

<p>If the paperwork did get lost somewhere along the way, don't panic. If the professor remembers signing the form you can still get the Q-drop even though you're now past the deadline. Enjoy your break, and the problem can be taken care of next semester. This happens all the time.</p>

<p>Thanks bro! I should still have it! (hopefully!) :( I actually was really cool with my TA and knew the dude (one of the few people who came to TA sessions) and he was right there when the prof. dropped the class if it comes to that.</p>