Quadrilingual North-African Humanist

<p>I'm a male of north african origin (so I check the African/African-American box). I am quadrilingual, fluent in french, spanish, arabic, and (obviously) english.</p>

<p>location: bellevue, wa
school: bellevue hs (#13 in nation according to Newsweek)
gpa: 3.85 UW, unknown weighted (see below for courses taken)
rank: Top 3% (estimate)
sat i: 2350
sat ii: Writing, French, Biology (scores not known yet, but I expect them to be 800 writing, 800 French, and 750+ biology)</p>

<p>APs (14 total)
French Language (5)
French Literature (5)
Spanish Language (5)
Language and Composition (5)
Literature and Composition (5) [I'm not sure if this is the official title of the test]
World History (5)
US History (5)
Comparative Government (5)
<a href="5">other Gov test</a>
Biology (5)
Chemistry (4)
Calculus AB (4)
AP European History (4)**
AP Macro Economics**
AP Micro Economics**</p>

<li>Predictions based on practice tests
**Test only, not the class</li>

Numerous awards, most notably in Debate (heavily involved all 4 years, competing very successfully locally and nationally)
Jacob Friedman Memorial Holocaust Essay Contest, 1st Place
Order of Superior Distinction (Highest Honor), National Forensic League (National debate organization)
AP Scholar (Highest level, I forgot the title)
other random stuff that I don't remember</p>

<p>EC's (in no particular order):
- Debate team [President], founder of competitive squad (I travel 5+ times per year for debate, and spend by far more time on it than any other activity)
- Internship at the revived Library of Alexandria in Alexandria, Egypt.
- Arabic studies, I have been studying arabic since the 1st grade, and I am completely fluent and am otherwise at the equivalent grade level of someone living in the Middle East.
- Youthlink Youth Council (committee that disburses funds to local programs)
- National Honor Society
- 400+ hours of community service
- Teaching with Seattle Audubon Society and Wilderness Awareness summer programs
- Founder, Middle Eastern Student's Association
- President, Future Attorneys of American
- DECA (won several awards)
- Opinion editor, school newspaper
- Junior Tennis team @ local health club and recreational
- Sailing, recreational
- Heavily involved in local community
- Highly proficient in the art of "tilawa", or the lyrical recitation of the Quran (I will most likely be sending a CD along with my apps)... ironically, i am not very religious (go figure)</p>

<p>numerous other EC's, these are the highlights that i thought of off the top of my head...</p>

<p>Very strong essays and recommendations.</p>

My father received a his doctoral degree from Harvard University, and did some consulting for the Harvard Medical School (as part of the graduate program, I think)
Maternal grandparents both received BA, MA, PhD from Cambridge University in the UK, both were visiting scholars at the University.</p>

<p>Interested in:
Economics, Linguistics, Mid-East Studies</p>

<p>So, what are my chances at:</p>

MIT (for linguistics, maybe?)
UC Berkeley
U of Chicago
U of Washington
Cambridge University (UK)-- I know the system is different, but if you have experience with British schools please share</p>

<p>Your chances are SO GOOD. I am amazed at your stats. Well done!
(MIT linguistics?? Just dont.)</p>

<p>"MIT linguistics... just don't"</p>

<p>hahhahahahaha, i figured.</p>

<p>i was temporarily distracted by Noam Chomsky's hotness.</p>

<p>psshhht....what's the point of this thread, you're in!</p>

<p>yeah you have a great chance at all. maybe the best i've seen. That is a good list that you have...I would stick w/ that just in case you are rejected from all of the top schools on your list (although i consider it EXTREMELY unlikely)</p>

<p>best of luck to you. you seem like an awesome kid.</p>

sounds like either a troll or obvious acceptance.</p>

<p>seems to specific for a troll, chances are extremely good</p>

<p>pretty bad at math looks like u have 15 aps tests and not 14 listed</p>

<p>OP, I am just curious- why are you taking SATII Writing?</p>

<p>seme what is your ethnicity?</p>

<p>to answer the questions:</p>

<p>Yes, math is my weakness. I suck at math. </p>

<p>You're right, that's 15 AP tests--I counted Micro and Macro as one.</p>

<p>I am Egyptian (with some moroccan/algerian origins as well--I'm a bit of a mix)</p>

<p>O_O....and i thought my valedictorian had crazier stats and ec's...dis just made our school's valedictorian look liek a joke. makes my application look like a joke...I HATE YOU!!! jk. ur in. i bet you anything. Harvard is always a 50/50 but in your case, more like 90 percent to get in.</p>

<p>what weaknesses do you guys perceive? sports, math? my UW gpa isn't the best either...</p>

<p>also, any input on Cambridge University or any other UK schools? Is it even a good idea? (i included it as more of a whim than a lifelong ambition)</p>

<p>How'd you pull that off? (The SAT II Writing.. I thought they canceled ** that **)</p>

<p>HYS are obviously a crapshoot for any candidate, including yourself.</p>

<p>Fair to good chances at everywhere else.</p>

<p>Don't know about Cambridge though.</p>

<p>If you're thinking linguistics, have you looked into Middlebury?</p>

<p>your stats will get you in to cambridge</p>

<p>you are IN!, there should be no debate
you are every college's dream, an URM with your stats is VERY VERY rare</p>

<p>*sat ii literature (i was half asleep when i posted that, and had just talked to a friend specifically about how he took the sat ii writing... lol)</p>

<p>Oh. I think you have a great chance at most of those places, to be quite honest. </p>

<p>Have you looked into Middlebury or is the whole LAC scene not your thing?</p>

<p>Honestly, although I haven't looked into Middlebury, the LAC scene isn't really my thing. Nonetheless, I will take a look at them.</p>