Quadruple perfect math

Just wondering, has anyone ever managed to get four perfect math sections? I got 36 ACT, 80 PSAT, and 800 SAT twice, which I believe makes a CC record.

For math sections, I have 36 ACT, 80 PSAT on all three attempts (9th-11th) 800 SAT both times I took it, and 800 Math Level II.

I’m not trying to brag or make anyone feel bad or anything, but I don’t consider straight 800s on math super impressive. I did a lot of math contests in MS and HS (incl. AMC/AIME/USAMO) so the SATs are very easy by comparison, and many other people I know are in the same boat.

Getting consecutive 800s on math is definitely something you should be proud of, but it’s not super unusual, especially among those who have done math contests or similar things. A perfect score on IMO, on the other hand, is much more impressive.

Can’t argue with that

The only thing is to not make dumb mistakes. I made way too many dumb mistakes on the AIME and other contests.

I’m in the presence of gods here

I’d need a super computer for the IMO.

Haha, same maybe. However in reality, IMO problems are not meant to be solved by computer, and I can only think of one IMO problem in which a computer would have really helped. If I remember, it was some number theory problem where you had to check a ton of cases, but I don’t remember which year/problem.

Lol. I entered the IMO once. I got bored once I crossed the fifth question, and I was like: Flip this paper, I have movies to watch!
So I basically started checking random options.

I don’t imagine that someone who has gotten a perfect score on one test-- either SAT or ACT-- would bother to take the other.

I’ve gotten an 800 SAT Math 2 and a 36 ACT math single sitting.

Uhhh, turn up.

@DarkEclipse lol…how do you check random options on the IMO? I’d be like, “it immediately follows from Schur that #6 is true.”

Nothing, just don’t read the question, and go like this: A C E D B D A C D C A B B B B

@‌DarkEclipse Except IMO is proof-based

There are 1000 better ways to BS an IMO problem. At least go for style points! :slight_smile:

No way, I’m never going to an IMO again. So boring, and I’m pretty sure I’d suck at it again.

Uh, how is IMO boring?

It is to me.


@DarkEclipse wait, did you actually compete? How many problems did you solve?

What? Of course not!
I gave the Regional MO. I just meant that MOs are kind of boring to me.

Lol, okay…sorry I was a bit skeptical.

Yeah, olympiads are not meant for everyone. But in my opinion, at least they are more interesting than SATs.