Quality Education?

<p>I was accepted into the honors program but was wondering if I should even consider it. Is it at least a decent school?</p>

<p>What do you mean by "decent"? E-town has been consistently ranked very high by the USNWR in its category (which used to be Comprehensive Colleges - NE) Everyone I know who has graduated from there now has excellent jobs in their fields. Depends what you are looking for. It is well known in the central PA area, but probably has no name recognition elsewhere.</p>

<p>AND, the honors program at Etown is highly regarded and not easy to get into.</p>

<p>Hmm well I'll consider it but I want to be a biochemistry major and eventually go to gradute school to get my doctorate of pharmacy. I'm afraid I won't get into grad school because of the lack of name recognition. I also have to consider it cause I got 17,00/ year.</p>

<p>IMHO the reputation of the school is not nearly as important as what you put in and in-turn get out. Get top grades and score high on the standardized tests and you will get into your Pharm. D program or equivalent. For what it is worth many years ago my W went to E-town, did very well and went onto a good US Med. School, a good residency program ....She feels E-Town was the right school for her.</p>

<p>Ofcourse it is a Decent With Well highly qualified Teachers.. My Nephew studies over there and am very happy for him...</p>