Quality of computer science major at Oklahoma State?

Hey guys, could you inform me as to whether anyone finds the computer science major at Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, to be good? I kinda have to make a choice between OU and OSU, and while osu has offered me a generous sum, i’m a little apprehensive because i haven’t heard much about their computer science program. The only thing i’ve heard about is their engineering program. Any opinions?

I don’t know anything about Oklahoma State’s computer science program. However, I do have this to say: undergraduate programs in most fields usually aren’t ranked in any meaningful way, because undergraduate studies are broad and your degree is more about the total sum of classes taken + your experience outside the classroom. Furthermore, for the vast majority of jobs, whether your computer science department has been “heard of” is immaterial to actually securing a job.

How much has OSU offered you, and how much would it cost your family to send you to OU?