Quality or Quantity at SAT Subject Test

<p>Hi. I have received my SAT Subject Test Score and it is very bad :(
Math2: 720
US History: 570 :(
I will take the SAT Subject Test one more time on October. Should I take the Math 2 and Chem one more time to raise them to 800 ( I believe I can ) or take other subjects to show my variety of knowledge? ( I will take the US History again in October :) ).</p>

<p>Generally, you want high scores over many scores, as long as you fulfill the schools' requirements.</p>

<p>Most schools (Georgetown excluded) only require 2 scores. You can send more, but I've heard that all they care about is the high ones. If you think that you can do better on the Chem and Math II tests, then I would suggest you retake those.</p>