Quarter begins Sep 24th, instruction begins 27th.. what does that mean?

<p>I’m so utterly confused right now. Can anyone help me with what that means?</p>

<p>It just means that the fall quarter would officially start on the 24th. It doesn't really matter except for maybe some legal stipulation that follows it; nothing that should concern you as a student. Classes are going to start on the 27th so that's the date you should be alert about. However, in some cases (i am saying this because I think you are a freshmen and so maybe you don't know this), there might not be classes for you on the 27th either depending if you have discussion that day or not. Sometimes the discussion section before a lecture is cancelled, but you have to make sure to double check first.</p>

<p>It means you can move in to your dorm room on the 23rd and find your way around campus for a few days before classes start. Usually some information and entertainment things scheduled during that week.</p>