Quarter grades?

<p>Does anyone know if Princeton required first quarter grades? I know that they request a mid-year school report. My college counselor told me that my first quarter grades are optional to send, but I've been told that many schools request them. Does Princeton require them?</p>

<p>I sent my mid-semester college grades. If you are doing well, send em.</p>

<p>My school always sends our first quarter grades. I don't think they're required because my counselors don't send them if they're REALLY bad.</p>

<p>our school doesnt even record our quarter grades lol but no pton doesnt require them.</p>

<p>Does it help to send them? In other words, does it hurt to not send them? As far as I know, my grades are decent for the most part (A/A- average), but they're not spectacular. Let's say that there are two hypothetical applicants with identical stats. One of them sent in their first quarter grades, the other didn't. Would the former have a distinct advantage? Or does it not matter and am I just being paranoid?</p>