Quarter or Semester System for Engineering Student

<p>Hello everyone,</p>

<p>I just wanted everyone's opinion, what's best for an engineering student? A school with a quarter or semester system? I was hoping to get some advice, currently I'm going to a CC and it has very rushed quarter systems. I'm a great student, and my test scores can prove it, but I need time to study and "take it in." The engineering class here at the CC is very rushed and I know I have the right foundation to make a good engineering student, I just need time. Considering this, do you think a slower semester system would work? In which case I was hoping to transfer to my nearby university which has said semester system. Or is it somewhat hopeless to consider either system if I can't pick up information that fast?</p>

<p>Thank you for your input</p>

<p>An academic year will be three 10 week quarters or two 15 week semesters. A year long course like freshman calculus will have 30 weeks of instruction either way. The main difference is that you will have three versus two final exams. At a semester school, they will just pack one and a half times as much course material into each course.</p>

<p>If transferring to a school on the other calendar, be sure to complete sequences so that you do not have to partially repeat courses (e.g. if you complete two quarters of freshman calculus but then transfer to a semester school, you will have to take a second semester freshman calculus course that partially duplicates what have already had).</p>

<p>I have been in both systems. I enjoyed the quarter system much more because I never had a chance to get bored with the class. I found that the 15-week semesters became a drag near the end. Since you are going to a CC, you will have to transfer at some point. And if you are uncomfortable with the current arrangement, then by all means transfer.</p>

<p>I liked semesters a lot more. Material didn't feel nearly as rushed, and if you happened to get sick for few days or a week it's still not too difficult to bounce back and not fall behind. In the quarter system just being sick for half a week makes you way behind and can be really difficult to catch up on.</p>